Damolh33 Interview

Damolh33 Interview

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Alex Deusan: Hi and welcome to Electronic Republika interview series! First of all, please, tell us a bit about yourself.

Gabriel: Hello, my name is Gabriel, I am a big electronic music fan, dj and producer.

Mike: I am Gabriel’s bro. My name is Mike, and we are damolh33. We are from Slovakia, living in a small village called Diósförgepatony

Alex Deusan: How did you start your musical journey and what do you think was the most important moment until now? When did you decide to be a DJ?

Gabriel: My musical journey started in the early nineties. While e we were listening to rave hardcore techno in radio, we started to organize already our own parties with our cassettes (!) and CD-s. After around 1998 we bought the very first turntable and vinyls.

At this time, the well-known party Boomerang series had huge impact on us. Next, to the most popular techno artists like Gayle San, Umek, Hardcell, many famous Slovak DJs performed their own sessions, such as DJ Toky, Dalo, Benco, Tibor Holoda. From the first moment I heard them, I knew I will be a DJ, a techno DJ.

Mike: My whole life is a musical journey, I think. We have experienced many important milestones together in connection with music. I cannot say any concrete moment. This is a music roller-coaster on which I would like to ride on.

Alex Deusan: What are your big influences as a DJ as well as a music producer? Name five artists.

Gabriel: I have a lot of examples, not just five. First of all, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Umek, Joseph Capriati, Sasha Carassi, Patrik Skoog, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Surgeon, Regis, Nordcore Gmbh. Lately, they are: Magda, Camea, Miro Pajic, Troy Pierce and my big favorite right now is Cosmic Boys and Matt Sassari.

Mike: Deepchord, Monolake, Richie Hawtin, Boards of Canada, Autechre. And many others.

Alex Deusan: How do you describe your style?

Gabriel: Spooky dark minimal techno

Mike: It is hard to be defined. I am balancing between many styles.

Alex Deusan: What are the things that inspire you for your music and mixes?

Gabriel: I really love to make music, this is my biggest hobby. A few years ago my first favorite activity was mixing and DJing. We were usually playing more than 3-4 hours daily without pause at home. The neighbors had to listen to techno music with us all day.

Mike: Making music is a big game for me. The word of sounds is inspiring me and I really enjoy to live in it.

Alex Deusan: What is your process of looking for new tracks and where do you take your tracks from?

Gabriel: I am listening listen to the new mixes on youtube and if something catches me, I need to go after it right away and search for it on Beatport.

Mike: detto

Alex Deusan: What is wrong and what is right in techno music?

Gabriel: Nothing is wrong.

Mike: The only thing might be that it is addictive. I like the way techno lifts me up while I am listening to it, it has a harsh energy.

Alex Deusan: The perfect day for you is…

Gabriel: breakfast, exercise, music, lunch, music, bicycle, music and a nice walk with my wife

Mike: I am trying to live my days as my last ones. I take the opportunities to have a great time with my loved ones.

Alex Deusan: How do you like your music? Vinyl or digital?

Gabriel: Vynil would be the best choice for us but it is pretty hard to (realize) carry it out this time. Anyway, I am totally satisfied with the digital releases as well.

Mike: I really love vinyl but I am totally satisfied with digital editions, too ( also).

Alex Deusan: What is your DJ setup? How about your studio setup?

Gabriel: As a DJ (dj) I (am using) use Traktor Scratch, as a producer, I prefer Ableton, Reason or Fruity Loops.

Mike: Unfortunately, we are not DJing with vinyls anymore, it was amazing that time. Traktor is the best for it now. In our studio, I use Ableton most of the time now. However, I have just got the new release of Reason, the Reson 10, and I have to tell you, I really like it.

Alex Deusan: What are the best and worst things about being a DJ/Producer in 2019? What do you consider to be the easiest and hardest things?

Gabriel: There is nothing wrong to be a DJ or producer. The thing is that if you just want to do something, like producing music, there can be nothing wrong. You are doing it because of yourself because that makes you happy.

Mike: In 2019, many things are happening to us as we are DJs and producers. We have our own publishing company and we never stop creating new songs. We know our work method already and this is great. After all of this long journey, our teamwork is the best and the most proactive now. We know exactly what, when, how are we doing and we have a nice schedule for building a song. You know teamwork is not that easy sometimes but if you have great assets, you can get the best of it.

Alex Deusan: What is your favorite food and drink?

Gabriel: Chicken breast, rice, and all fruits. I love fruits Clearwater, Budweiser, Four Roses Whisky.

Mike: I eat usually a lot of vegetables and I am in love with spicy flavors. I drink a lot of water and I like good Czech beers.

Alex Deusan: How about films and books?

Gabriel: My favorite film is Fight Club and I love Stephen King’s.

Mike: I am a big fan of films and books as well.

Alex Deusan: Samples or originals for your music production?

Gabriel: fifty-fifty

Mike: I really like working with midis, however, I used samples a couple of times.

Alex Deusan: Last track that blew your mind?

Gabriel: Cosmic Boys-Meteor

Mike: Umek-hell archetypes

Alex Deusan: What do you want to happen with your music career in the future?

Gabriel: Release on Minus? Remix from the Cosmic Boys, and playing back to back with Gaiser haha

Mike: I am always looking for new opportunities and I hope we can have more live actions in the future. We are a great team, me and my brother, and I am enjoying the time with him on the stage very much.

Alex Deusan: What are your next plans?

Gabriel: Working on new listening album.

Mike: Keep working with Reason10 and include some female vocal into our music. We have never done it before but we always wanted it. I think we found a great voice on the first attempt. Looking forward to working with her!

Alex Deusan: Any last thoughts?

Gabriel: Be cool and take care!

Mike: I hope to see you soon on the dance floor!

Alex Deusan: Thanks and take care!

Gabriel: Bye!

Mike: Bye-bye and thank you!

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