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Preview: Aquasella Festival

Preview: Aquasella Festival

Preview: Aquasella Festival

Aquasella, also recognized by many as the best techno/house festival of Spain, is only three weeks away , taking place from the 15th to the 18th of August in Asturias, and we cannot hold in our excitement.

As I arrived in Spain, in May 2018, I began to slowly delve into the Spanish electronic music scene. Investigating which festivals this beautiful country had to offer, I came across many. Some were more promoted than others, each with their individual signature. Some caught my attention, but I must say Aquasella made the top of the list for me. Although I was not able to attend last year, I began to collect information about this festival, which every time I mentioned, techno connoisseurs declared it to be the best festival in Spain to attend to during the summer.

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