THC Chameleons interview

THC Chameleons interview

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 Alex Deusan: Hi and welcome to Electronic Republika interview series! First of all please tell us a bit about yourself.

Chamy: Hi. I’m Chamy the headmaster from THC Chameleons

We are a bunch of Aliens stucked on earth, our spaceship is damaged and we are forced to live here.

Actually, we have reptilian members living in the U.K, and different parts of Europe, we work as a collective.

Alex Deusan: How do you start your musical journey and what do you think was the most important moment until now? When did you decide to be a DJ?

Chamy: For us, music is the most important activity that humans do. It’s a magical moment and helps us to connect with the earthlings.

When we understood that we are stuck on earth, we decided to produce music so that we could share emotions in this world

Alex Deusan: What are your big influences as a DJ as well as a music producer? Name five artists.

Chamy: Lena Popova

Oscar Mulero


Chris Liebing and Richie Hawtin (they inspired our first set up)

Alex Deusan: How do you describe your style?

Chamy: Dub & Acid Techno with very dark and hypnotic sounds, Totally avantgarde.

Alex Deusan: What are the things that inspire you for your music and mixes?

 Chamy: We record sets from different parts of the world that have Aliens presence. The places from old cultures that show humans our Alien presence from hundred of years give us a lot of inspiration. We make our sets for the honor of old civilizations.

Alex Deusan: How is your searching for new tracks process and from where you take your tracks?

Chamy: We are very deep in the underground community scene. A lot of artists send us music for play, but we need to feel something special in any sounds we play. We love a podcast on Soundcloud called Deep Space Helsinki, we learn a lot from that techno program.

Alex Deusan: The perfect day for you is…

Chamy: Wen we dont have to put our human face for work as earthlings…

Alex Deusan: How do you like your music? Vinyl or digital?

Chamy: We play both, but in the live presentations of THC Chameleons we play digital because our set up is a hybrid from analog to digital.

We collect vinyls of diferent type of styles too. We love funk, drum and bass and anything that have a fatty bass.

Alex Deusan: What is your DJ setup? How about your studio setup?

Chamy: Dj Set up

Traktor controller X1 (2)

Traktor controller F1 (2)

Maschine Jam

Mixer Xone 92

Korg Volca Bass and Drum Maschine

Studio set up

Same as our live set plus:

U-phoria UMC 1820 Behringer

Roland TR8


Arturia Minibrute 2S 

Alex Deusan: What are the best and worst things about being a DJ/Producer in 2019? What do you consider to be the easiest and hardest things?

 Chamy: We makes music for personal satisfaction, our interests are different than the humans, so we have a diferent point of view

Best Things

There are enough people on this planet to show your music, there a lot of music but the same with the public, and the public is more open to listen to new things than ever.

Bad Things:

That the charts of famous artists are monopolized for a very exclusive little group of artists and promoters.

Alex Deusan: Your favorite food and drink?

 Chamy: We enjoy that golden drink that humans like, what’s the name? BEER!! jajajaj

Food jjjjmmmmm  maybe our top 3 favorite food experience are:

1. Shawarma on Liverpool street London. (Best on earth)

2. Tacos in Mexico. ( the intensity of the flavors blow our minds)

3. Octopus in Greece ( Greek chefs are masters for seafood)

Alex Deusan: How about films and books?

Chamy: We like to see a lot of documentaries and have fun with all the lies that they have, the history of humanity it’s very different as the education shows to people.  If we were humans and knew the truth as we know we would feel very disappointed. But fortunately we are not humans, we are only visitors to this planet and we don’t care.

Alex Deusan: Samples or originals for your music production?

 Chamy: Both, sometimes we produce our sounds, other time we use a sampler, cut in pieces and tweaked up.

Alex Deusan: Last track that blew your mind?

Chamy: KDA-Help Me FT Patrck Cash

 It’s not new but the music and lyrics are very intense

Alex Deusan: What do you want to happen with your music career in the future?

 Chamy: We want to share the virus and continue to share music and emotions with humans.

Alex Deusan: What is next for you?

Chamy: We are working a lot in releases, expect a lot in the

 next month

And we are looking where to play next summer.

Alex Deusan: Any last thoughts? 

Chamy: Our New release in collaboration with the German producer DAvid Color it’s out in all the digital Stores.

THC Chameleons & David Color/Are you a Clon?

Chek, it out and show us some love sharing our music.

Alex Deusan: Thanks and take care!

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