EpZ interview

EpZ interview

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Alex Deusan: Hi and welcome to Electronic Republika interview series! First of all please tell us a bit about yourself.

EpZ: Hello my name is EpZ (Experimental Party Zone). Born French, a citizen of the world, I am making electronic music for a bit more 20 years now, and probably will never stop it!   

Alex Deusan: How do you start your musical journey and what do you think was the most important moment until now? When did you decide to be a DJ?

EpZ: I started music I was 5 years old in 1982, learning piano. The most important moment was and still is when I decided to start music at this young age, I still remember it like yesterday after listening and seeing to Mozart (Amadeus) at a theatre with my parents, I fell in love with those notes. Then I did encounter in 1994 turntables and started dj with hip hop and it’s scratching that lead me into electronic music with first jungle and hardcore/techno and it was in 1996 that a friend taught me how to use a tracker software on a computer to make techno. Then got into machines like the MC 303 and samplers like AKAI S900 and the mighty mpc 2000 and back to the computer with the apparition of fruity loops and Ableton Live.

Alex Deusan: What are your big influences as a DJ as well as a music producer? Name five artists.

EpZ: Influences came from all over the places but at first big influence was free jazz as I was making breakcore (electronic music with no rules). I was as well loving stuff like Jimi Hendricks or the Who or Tangerine Dreams or King Crimson and then came producers like Aphex Twin or Square Pusher and all the Warp label in the mid-’90s, this label was the best for me and my weird taste! And of course, on the techno Dj side, Jeff Mills was the first love, followed by the Spiral Tribe (specially Rzac) and Manu le Malin.  

Alex Deusan: What are the things that inspire you for your music and mixes?

EpZ: My feelings and my moods!

Doing live, mix or producing its the most important thing for me and usually what inspires me, my feelings and moods on the spot. Trying to make the dance floor feels my music and emotions is quite a challenge and a thrill for me every time.

Alex Deusan: How is your searching for new tracks process and from where you take your tracks?

EpZ: Well nowadays I receive a lot of promo from different label so I will say that I am on point regarding music search as you receive everything before everybody lol . But I used to dig a lot in record shops in Paris, as well I was “working” in one of them in Paris it was called KGB with my friend Nout back in the days (early 2000). Usually, I search for names I never heard before and seek the new stuff.

Alex Deusan: The perfect day for you is

EpZ: Doing nothing and relaxing in a cool place without listening to any music apart the one from the birds. 🙂

Alex Deusan: How do you like your music? Vinyl or digital?

EpZ: The big question lol! Well, I do like vinyls but nowadays it is rare to have labels publishing it straight away as it is expensive to produce, not really eco-friendly and surely hard to sell 500 copies of it.  I do like digital as well specially that you get a lot more frequencies to work on with your music. And well it’s more easy to distribute and share. Anyway, both have its advantage and inconvenient.

Alex Deusan: What is your DJ setup? How about your studio setup?

EpZ: As dj, I work with Traktor and 4 desk with Lemur (on my Ipad) and 2 Native Instruments X1 controller, I love the fact that I can almost play a live set with this configuration doing live looping and sampling in real time, really mixing my music. I still love mixing with cdjs or turntables but a lot less than before. So much more convenient to bring your laptop than loads of vinyls and break your back transporting it. For the studio, I go all digital as well with Ableton live to work and sometimes logic. I work a lot with headphones (Beyerdynamic) and at home, I have some old V8 KRK to work with. I usually do not use any mixer as all is in the box.

Alex Deusan: What are the best and worst things about being a DJ/Producer in 2019? What do you consider to be the easiest and hardest things?

EpZ: Well depends where you at but for me, the worst thing right now is the amount of dj/producer in the place who does not know how to mix and produce music and think they are the real deal paying easy publicity to get there, even at the biggest level of things…The best is that you can still amaze the crowd and be original and stay underground. As well on the technology side of thing producing is getting very great, live sampling and playing midi became quite easy, those things were quite difficult to do with a computer or synth and the old midi system 20 years ago, a pain in the ass it was haha.

Alex Deusan: Your favorite food and drink?

EpZ: I will say good old water is my favorite drink, food wise I love salads with homemade parma ham and French cheese and I never say no to seafood!

Alex Deusan: How about films and books?

EpZ: Lot more films than books for me, unfortunately, or not,  the last one I really loved is BlacKkKlansman of Spike Lee, a great movie!

Alex Deusan: Samples or originals for your music production?

EpZ: Well I do have original samples as I make my own, recording sounds in the streets or where ever I am. I never use music from others to sample into. I use a lot my voice as well thru any microphones to make sounds and Fx and I use a lot of reaktor and vcv rack to make my synth sound and melodies.  I would say quite original in the processing 😉  

Alex Deusan:  Last track that blew your mind?

EpZ: Its a long time that a track blew my mind. But I will say the last one and only should de The Bells by Jeff mills when I started to listening to techno in 1995/96. Every time I hear it my arms hairs goes up !

Alex Deusan: What do you want to happen with your music career in the future?

EpZ: Well hopefully get able to play more and sharing the good vibe around the world, it’s always good to meet new people and new crowd. Until now I was in Colombia where I met an incredible crowd with a fresh scene, now may be time to get back to Europe and let see what will come to me. I take it easy, no stress the important thing is to always love what you do!

Alex Deusan: What is next for you?

EpZ: For now lots of productions coming with some great labels such as SMR Underground, AS Recordings (Israel Toledos label) and Subwoofer Records

July 22 I have my first release with Assassin Soldier Recordings coming out, a great Techno Ep made in collab with my friend Nick Bowman, it’s already available as pre-order on Beatport here:


And I will be a feature with Israel Toledo on Nick’s “Future Underground Show” as guest dj this edition of July. You should check Nick’s page on social network for that matter. (https://www.facebook.com/bowmannick/).

As well expect an original track on the Subwoofer Anniversary Va due to the end of this month and a new release probably for August on SMR Underground with some great remix of my tracks by Greg Bendosa, Ben Knoxx, Rave Syndicate, Il Gualdo and a special guest. This will be announced officially very soon!  

Alex Deusan: Any last thoughts?

EpZ: Well always good to give you guy some links to check out :

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/EpZ.Official/ 

My website: https://pezepz.wixsite.com/experimetalpartyzone 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2UGlo5GPpODGHlc0vsu7kq

Some free music of mine to Download: https://soundcloud.com/user-367443765/sets/qq-1/s-sWdsy.

Hopefully you will enjoy your visit! If so please give some support by liking or sharing its always greatly appreciated, I never stop to thank the fans for that!  

Alex Deusan: Thanks and take care!

EpZ: Thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to share some of my stuff with you guys!  And let’s dance soon ! 🙂

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