Fowler interview

Fowler interview

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Alex Deusan: Hi and welcome to Electronic Republika interview series! First of all please tell us a bit about yourself.

Fowler: Thank you very much for having me on Electronic Republika. Really appreciate your time & effort.

My name is Fowler.

I´m a musicproducer, DJ & songwriter from Frankfurt (Germany).

The project Fowler actually started in 2018 and is mainly focused on techhouse, deeptech and brand new jackin´ techno.

Alex Deusan: How do you start your musical journey and what do you think was the most important moment until now? When did you decide to be a DJ?

Fowler: I was always into creating electronic music, mainly after visiting a gig of Superflu and Format B in 2010 but unfortunately never came up with the idea of producing more techy single music as a standalone project.

I was playing the piano since I´ve been six years old. I had written music for TV agencies and some of my tracks got placements in Americas next Topmodel or a German Movie called “Halbe Brüder”.

After this period I have made first attempts in trap and dubstep but that never actually satisfied me as an artist. Instead, what always fascinated me is progressive and dark groovy dance music. There you have a lot of possibilities to let off steam artistically here, so I came up with the idea of starting a single artist project called Fowler in 2018, ready to play gigs everywhere and release new music.

My musical style is mixed up in genres like techhouse, deeptechno and darker jackin´house. This is what actually Fowler´s standing for.

Alex Deusan: What are your big influences as a DJ as well as a music producer? Name five artists.

Fowler: My toplist of musicproducers and influences would be endless but my first five (It’s a little bit an unusual combination as those ones come from different genres

Adam Beyer, Rebekah, Paul Kalbrenner, ATB, Diplo

Alex Deusan: What are the things that inspire you for your music and mixes?

Fowler: A good track & set consists of permanent highlights, which convince people to keep raving in the club. That means, I love progressive baselines which could run endlessly with dark grooving pads and percussive toploops, adding vocal cuts is top notch

Alex Deusan: How is your searching for new tracks process and from where you take your tracks?

Fowler: My track buying sources are mainly Bandcamp & Beatport. To get access to new tracks i use many forums on Facebook and listen to Soundcloud, Beatport & Spotify playlists on familiar but also unknown tracks which I add to a complete matching schema.

Alex Deusan: The perfect day for you is…

Fowler: Go to gym, produce music, take a good meal and spend the rest of the day with my girlfriend J

Alex Deusan: How do you like your music? Vinyl or digital?

Fowler: Everything digital, it makes it easier for us all, but vinyl is still top notch and will always be, it is art which people should respect

Alex Deusan: What is your DJ setup? How about your studio setup?

Fowler: DJ Setup: Macbook Pro 2018, Pioneer DDJ RR (Rekordbox), Korg Nano Series (Keys, Mix, Pad)

Studio Setup: Ableton 10, Desktop PC (Windows 10, I7700K, 64 GB Ram, Samsung M2 Harddrives 1 TB)

Fatar 88 Keys, KRK RP6 ROKIT, Fostex PM 0.3, Avid Fasttrack C600, Maschine Mk2, Rode Nt2, LG32 4K Display

Alex Deusan: What are the best and worst things about being a DJ/Producer in 2019? What do you consider to be the easiest and hardest things?

Fowler: I don’t want to talk bad, but nowadays you don’t get a real chance from labels or agencies that invest in artistic work.

Everybody wants to earn a lot of money very fast, but you often notice that the little unknown artists already rip each other off according to the principle you can come for 10 dollars on my playlist, which is then again equipped with 500 fake followers.

DJ gigs are only possible through a lot of popularity or happy contacts.

Everything has to be 100% finished so that the labels can put their name under it and collect money, in my opinion the problem has to do with the fast pace of streaming services.  Clicks bring money, so there is often no time for artistic freedom, unless you have money. Organic growth is over, you load something on Soundcloud or Spotify and get 1-2 plays after 1 week. That makes it hard to get recognition from labels. Nevertheless you have to deal with the situation, I think if you really feel like listening to music, you don’t mind the situation – living from it would be nice, of course, but reality is often different. My solution would be a strong fanbase, and pay respect to every single fan you have out there.

But what has really turned out to be good nowadays are the infinite possibilities you have to create sounds and to let off steam artistically, it’s just fun to produce fabulous things with simple means. It’s also very easy to get in touch with bloggers or other artists via Instagram & Facebook. These are really great possibilities that didn’t exist to this extent early on.

Alex Deusan: Your favorite food and drink?

Fowler: Drink: Orange Juice with ice cubes and added basil & citrus

Food: Every kind of pasta with vegetables and parmesan cheese.

Alex Deusan: How about films and books?

Fowler: I love the mood of Shutter Island and Better Call Saul

And I hardly read any novels, but i like to read books about topics like politics, history or documentations.

Alex Deusan: Samples or originals for your music production?

Fowler: Both, for me it is the result what counts

Alex Deusan: Last track that blew your mind?

Fowler: Diplo – Hold You Tight (Solardo Remix)

Alex Deusan: What do you want to happen with your music career in the future?

Fowler: I would love to do every day what I love to do: Music – maybe one day I can make a life of it, hopefully, it will always be my passion.

Alex Deusan: What is next for you?

Fowler: To finish my first EP “Origin”, hope it will come up this September 2019

Alex Deusan: Any last thoughts?

Fowler: I want to say thank you very much for the interview and I wish every musician out there all the best and that their dreams come true, keep in mind, we are sitting all in the same boat J

Alex Deusan: Thanks and take care!

Thanks so much!!!

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