Black Chef interview

Black chef interview

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Alex Deusan: Hi and welcome to the Electronic Republika interviews series! First of all, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Black Chef: Hey Alex thanks for having me…Ok! I’m Black Chef, a Lesotho born upcoming Techno DJ/Producer…but I’m currently living in South Africa.

Alex Deusan: How do you start your musical journey and what do you think was the most important moment until now? When did you decide to be a DJ?

Black Chef: The most important Moment was when I managed to be in top 5 of a contest Techno Addicts Records launched early this year… and I decided to be a DJmid of 2015, it was my last year high school.

Alex Deusan: What are your big influences as a DJ as well as a music producer? Name five artists.

Black Chef: Richie Hawtin, Stephan Bodzin, Carl Cox, Liquid Static & Stab Virus…there’re lot of guys out there who influences my DJ and Production life.

Alex Deusan: What are the things that inspire you for your music and mixes?

Black Chef: Listening to other people’s music gives me new ideas and opens up my mind… mixes just keep me alert of new ideas of playing or making music…

Alex Deusan: The perfect day for you is…

Black Chef: Hahaha…I really can’t say, but any day with Techno Music or electronic dance music for me it’s perfect day.

Alex Deusan: How do you like your music? Vinyl or digital?

Black Chef: At the moment digital. Because I never had a chance in Vinyl but still looking forward to use them

Alex Deusan: What is your DJ setup? How about your studio setup?

Black Chef: I’m just an Ordinary DJ who goes out with USBs… I can’t really say much about my studio setup. But I want to have hardware for both DJ/Studio set as one day I want to play live.

Alex Deusan: Your favorite food and drink?

Black Chef: I go with Rice & Stew, fries and 100% juice or energy drinks does for me

Alex Deusan: How about films and books?

Black Chef: I love series and I go with Vikings, Into the Badlands, Orphan Black, Two and Half a Men… And I read couple of books but “The Partner” is the best for me

Alex Deusan: Samples or originals for your music production?

Black Chef: Originals!! …Cause I feel like using samples it’s cheating or maybe someone used it somewhere

Alex Deusan: Last track that blew your mind?

Black Chef: Hahaha… wow tricky question, because to be honest I listen to more than 50 Tracks a day but I go with “Metal Dance Music Algorithm- Bipolar(Black Chef Rework)”…with this piece I realized that I’m really growing in production.

Alex Deusan: What do you want to happen with your music career in the future? 

Black Chef: I just want to be creative enough as an upcoming Artist and I want to be “Live Act”.

Alex Deusan: What is next for you?

Black Chef: Couple of EPs for different labels … Start with my blog and few ideas I can’t mention now.

Alex Deusan: Any last thoughts?

Black Chef: To people who are in the industry yet…please do support the up comings, we really need your guide and support. And lastly check my new remixes I did for “DAL Music” and “Future Game Music”

Alex Deusan: Thanks and take care!

Black Chef: Thanks again for having me here at Electronic Republika… Let It Rave!!

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